Captain Black Little Cigars for Sale now
Captain Black Little Cigars have a special spot in the hearts of many smokers nationwide. These little cigars have even been feature in movies, TV commercials and much more.

Initially these little cigars were distributed by Conwood Tobacco which later got bought out by Scandinavian Tobacco, which has made several improvements to their facility and some changes recently to the packaging and blend.

Captain Black Little Cigars come in a carton style packaging with 10 Packs of 20 Little Cigars inside and a soft pack. Available in flavors like Sweet, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach Rum and Natural.

Scandinavian Tobacco also makes Winchester Little Cigars which is another iconic brand which dates back to early 1970. Captain Black Cigars recently introduced a line of Machine Mad Cigarillos which are available in Packs and in Foil Packs, these flavor cigarillos are available in Cherry, Grape and Sweet.


Sarah Hughes

Date 6/13/2017

Ann Weaver

Date 7/4/2017

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