Can A Cigar Be Too-Well Blended?

For those of us who enjoy smoking cigars on a regular or occasional basis, the chance to try different blended flavors is part of the enjoyment we gain from exploring the seemingly ever expanding range of products on offer. One area that most of us have little understanding of and would like to explore further is the blending of different forms of tobacco to create a perfect blend that is easy to enjoy, as it meets the flavor and body requirements we may have. Blending is an art form that takes a long period of time too achieve and can result in a cigar that may seem to be perfect, but could be a problem if it is not what we are expecting from a specific brand.

Blending tobacco is one of those areas that many of us see as being performed by only the top experts in cigar creation; usually the blending of cigars is performed by experts who understand exactly what a brand is looking for in their products. A blend must be created with a number of issues in mind, including the overall taste and flavor, strength or body of the cigar, and how this cigar will fit into the overall brand it’s created for.

Once these questions are answered a cigar expert will look to create the perfect blend, which’s more difficult to achieve than any of us may have imagined. Two forms of tobacco that blend well with others can combine to create a cigar that doesn’t taste good or assist the overall image of the brand it’s representing. The blend can also be perfect in terms of taste, but not in terms of body or how the brand is seen by cigar enthusiasts around the world. A blend that’s too good may remove some of the individual nature of the tobacco from the cigar, and be seen as something of a disappointment for those of us who know how different individual tobacco styles interact with each other. We all enjoy a perfectly blended cigar of tobacco, filler, and wrapper, but we also want the cigar we smoke to be individual and memorable for its distinct qualities and even include any small flaws we may notice. A cigar that’s blended too well may lose the distinct qualities the tobacco had when on its own or when blended with other tobacco styles.

If a blended cigar doesn’t meet the standards or style requirements we have it is important to check for other problems that may have an effect on the flavor and style of the cigar. Moisture content is the major issue you will find with a blended cigar as the humidity level should usually remain between 12 and 15 percent, if either higher or lower a number of problems can occur with the cigar burning too fast or failing to draw correctly.


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