Best gifts for smokers presents a series of accessories to give best gifts for smokers in any occasion. Read these recommendations and take some ideas for leaf tobacco lovers, perfect to give away on any special date.

Best gift accessories for smokers

Market has endless articles of smokers that any tobacco fan would like tve. From lighters to luxury humidors. Some are necessary and others are pure luxury, but who can judge them. Anyone who likes an activity wants to enjoy it in the best way.

When you choose the gift for that loved one, keep in mind how much you like to smoke tobacco leaves. Is he a rookie, does it only on certain occasions, always smoke a cigar after dinner? With this answer you will get an idea of ??which accessory to buy and the right investment. You will not want to give a travel set to someone who just starts smoking because, maybe, after a while, they will not.

What are your favorite activities, where do you like to smoke more? You can take ideas almost anything. Observe it, notice which of these accessories that we present you would look good along with the rest of your articles.

1. Portable Mini Cigar Bar

Why not let him take his cigars and his favorite drink anywhere he goes? It will be useful for a trip or a smoking meeting at a friend's house. Inside the mini cigar bar you can take with you several units of the tobacco of your choice and the liquor with which you prefer to mate it. If you need ice, there are those who have a small container for this purpose.
If you are one of those people attached to your routine you will do a great favor with this gift. You will no longer have to worry about being away from home and your cigars. You'll even enjoy it at a garden party! Because you will not have to go inside to get your tobacco.
These cases also bring space for the rest of the accessories like lighters and cutters. You'll be happy to have your cigar on hand and look good wearing it.

2. Cases for travelers

Following the previous trend but with another purpose. Make sure your cigars are presentable and protected even when they leave the city. You will not have to carry your best cigars any more in a plastic box.
The tobacco will travel with the same comfort of its owner in a leather case conditioned to take them. Look for one in which you can place a portable humidor to keep the cigars in excellent condition.

3. Holders of individual cigars

The individual carriers are another of the smoking accessories that you can give away. These types of cases allow to carry a single cigar at a time. They are useful for carrying it in the pocket of the shirt or jacket, for example.
Being a sturdy casing, it will prevent the cigar from getting damaged. For being a special date, buy a metal with leather exterior. Ask them to personalize it with the name of the person or design you prefer.

4. Cutters and lighters

A smoker will always need to have the cutter and cigar lighter on hand. Today you will find lighters in many forms, from the simplest to the most extravagant. Laptops and desktops, with one of them sure to enhance your smoking experience.

There are people who like to collect lighters even if they are not smokers. So this idea can also solve other gifts.
Like cigarette lighters, you have hundreds of models to choose cigar cutters. In the form of guillotine, razor, skull, scissors, with the logo of car brands, among many others.
And if you are not entirely happy, then look for a lighter that is both a cutter. They will be two gifts in one.

5. Carrier of cigarettes and bottle for liquor

Speaking of objects that fulfill double function, we go with another option. This time it is a metal cigar case which in turn has a small container for a drink.
There are individual cases or in which they fit more than one cigar. They are small, discreet and comfortable to carry. The space for the drink is not much, so it will reach for a drink or little more.

6. Holders

Have you noticed any uncomfortable times when the smoker has nowhere to stop smoking? Well, just like with the above accessories there are many options of holders to choose from.
Perhaps the first option that comes to mind is one to have on the desk. There are exquisite models for this purpose. But we can go even further. If you enjoy smoking while in the garden or on the golf course, there are holders that will allow you to leave the cigarette safely.
They can be placed on the lawn without damaging it or placing a small accessory in the belt where the cigar will rest, leaving their hands free.

Other ways to give away tobacco (most are not tobacco)

There are other additional ideas that are not about tobacco or its accessories. There are plenty of items for smokers to show their liking for cigarettes.
If you want to vary your options you can buy pens in the form of tobacco or a pair of cufflinks for your shirts. Make sure you have your preferred liqueur to accompany a good cigar and buy a bottle.
There are people who prefer to accompany it with drinks other than alcohol, such as coffee. That is another great alternative to give away.
If the recipient of your gift has an exclusive smoking room, such as a bar at home, give items to decorate. A door handle in the form of tobacco, advertising posters or an old cigar vending machine ...
These are just a few ideas to give the best gifts for smokers, but   for sure you came up with others while you read the post. Our intention is that you are aware of all the options you have. 


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