Quality, great selection and low prices are usually hard to find in one place, but you can get all of them here. From the comfort of your home or mobile device, you can find the cigars that you want online in our wide selection and save money at the same time. We carry hundreds of brands, including several for almost every letter in the alphabet. You probably know that you cannot always find your favorite cigar at the local gas station, but the chance of not finding what you are looking for with us is very slim. 

Searching our Huge Selection of Cigars
Our drop-down menu lets you select the cigar that you want, or you can type a name in the search bar. As soon as you start typing your brand, you can see names of the cigars that we carry for it. The only brands that you find ahead of ACID cigars are 305’s Filtered, 38 Special and 601 Blue, and our selection ends with Zig-Zag. We show a familiar logo for each brand so that you can find your favorite easily. Some of the popular cigar brands that we carry include these:

• Captain Black Little Cigars
• Dutch Masters Cigars
• Swisher Sweets Cigars
• Wrangler Filtered Cigars

You can find all kings for Cigarillos, Filtered Cigars, Little Cigars and many more in our huge selection of your favorites.

Getting the Most for Your Money
Quality and price go together when you shop with a reputable dealer. But local stores make you pay top price, and you usually have a limited variety to choose from. We focus on selling the finest quality of tobacco and products that go with it. Our brands are the ones that you know and enjoy, not the cheap and hot imitations that you find at your filling station. By shopping online with us, you get the best price on regular merchandise in addition to these specials:

• low prices on new cigars
• affordable prices on close out cigars
• access to top brands at close out prices

Your order of at least $199 and free shipping via USPS or UPS can save you as much as 30 percent. Our user-friendly, secure website is open for your convenience 24/7 from your computer or your mobile device. Now you can avoid nighttime runs to your local store while you relax and enjoy a good cigar.


Peter Winter

Date 9/10/2017

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