Bella Filtered Cigars a Woman Perfect Smoke
Bella Cigars have been around while many people may not have heard of it before, they sure will now. These brand is another great gem in the Filtered Cigar industry, while its packaging may not be the best for men, they sure are smoking now. Why? well these beautiful made filtered cigars offers premium quality at a great price.

In fact while many brands have gone out of business, this brand is actually growing and growing fast, it has become a top seller in a few months of just been on our catalog, and we are surprise that even men are not afraid of smoking it since, at the end we all are looking for a great bargain without giving up on quality.

Bella Filtered Cigars are available in flip top box, and in styles like Full Flavor, Menthol, Light, Ultra Light and Menthol Ultra Light. They start of around $9.99 a carton which is not bad when you compare with other brands of Little Cigars and even Filtered Cigars which start at a much higher price.

But just in case this brand still not in your top 5 list of brands, well also carry other brands like Criss Cross Cigars, Cheyenne Cigars, Clipper Cigars, and many more


Carolyn Wing

Date 3/31/2018

Peggy Skruch

Date 10/24/2018

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