Backwoods Cigars have arrived
Backwoods Cigars have been in the market for a while and have achieved a loyal following, in fact we have heard that smokers sometimes buy them just to chew on them why? we have no clue, but they must be that good.

Backwoods may not be the best looking cigars  or come in a nice fancy looking packaging, but they are loved by many smokers across the nation for their unique sweetness and good quality.

These brand is made by Altadis USA which is a division of Imperial Tobacco, which also makes brands like Dutch Masters Cigars, Phillies Cigars, El Producto Cigars, Muriel Cigars and many others.

So if you are into old school, weird looking items, but want the quality; well give Backwoods Cigars a try,and if by any chance this is not your brand, we also have a large selection of filtered cigars, flavor cigarillos, little cigars and much more.



Date 11/10/2016

Norman Manski

Date 11/29/2016


Date 12/18/2016

Livia Schacter

Date 1/1/2017

Natalie Murray

Date 1/10/2017

Chelsea Wallace

Date 5/11/2017

Brandon Trevino

Date 4/9/2018

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