Be a smoker and give an excellent impression

By buying tobacco leaves online and enjoying them at home we never thought there would be any problem with our custom. However, there is something that many fail to see and it is that some people may have a certain dislike for smoking, whether it is smoke or smell, read on and learn how to be a smoker and give an excellent impression on this interesting article that will help you to be well perceived by others at all times, without having to give up this habit so pleasurable.

Keep your manners as a smoker to give a good impression

You will wonder why a habit that is quite personal should matter to others, and the truth is that you are absolutely right. No one is entitled to judge you, however, as with any other field, it is important to take care of the way we act and look to project a good image and achieve many successes. After all, we can not escape the undeniable fact that the impression you give to others counts, and it can help you in any aspect of your life, be it work, personal or academic.

Good Manners

The most basic thing is to have good manners and be aware that just as others should respect your personal decision to smoke, you should respect that of people who do not. Achieving it is very simple, just put yourself in the shoes of others and make your habit not a vice, but an art. Everyone will notice the difference and think much better of you, so we recommend you follow these tips:

– Smoke only in open places, balconies, windows or designated areas

– If you smoke cigarettes, throw cigarette butts or waste in ashtrays or garbage cans

– Try to cast the smoke away from other people

– Acquire special tools for smoking: a nice case if you do with a pipe, a lighter of good quality, it is even good that you try to put together a good cigarette

Worry about smelling good

The reason for the dislike of many non-smokers is certainly the smell of tobacco, especially that which is impregnated in the fabrics and hair hours after the cigarette has been extinguished or even after several washes. What many do not know is that these annoying consequences can be easily countered.

Wash the clothes most affected by the smoke and pour a cup of baking soda or borax into the load. This trick is excellent and works to effectively eliminate all types of odors. If you have a coat or something that you can not put to the washing machine immediately, try to hang it outdoors so that it receives all the rays of the sun. Do not forget to get rid of the tobacco smell in your hair by washing it several times until you notice that the scent is gone, people notice these details!

If you want to know how to be a smoker and make an excellent impression at home, you must know this trick. Vinegar is the best solution for deodorizing surfaces such as wooden furniture, leather and even the book covers. Just mix it with the same amount of warm water and wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton.

Remove yellow spots on your fingers

One of the consequences that may dislike many smokers are the yellow spots that remain between the index and middle fingers after smoking many cigarettes. Although you see them very close to your skin, you can certainly get rid of them with three simple methods:

1- Try to remove it by applying nail polish remover or acetone with a cotton ball.

2- Mix half a cup of baking powder with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Mix well with a spoon until you create a paste where you will soak your fingers for ten minutes. Do it daily until the stains go away completely.

It is advisable to apply moisturizing cream or even natural oils after performing any of the three techniques as they all involve the application of substances that can dry your skin. Now that you know how to be a smoker and give an excellent impression you can go ahead and use these techniques to improve your lifestyle.

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