Avoid These 3 Cigar Things

Getting acquainted with cigars can be quite tricky. Especially, if one is smoking a cigar for the first time. There are some basic unwritten rules that every cigar smoker should be able to follow. It’s important that you learn of the three most important things so as not to look totally clueless about cigars to your peers.

Here are some of the three things to avoid about cigars:

Lighting a Cigar
Lighting a cigar is not as easy as it seems. A cigar smoker needs to avoid some types of lighters, for example, cigarette lighters. This is because they tend to contain a light flavor that easily alters the taste of your cigar which in turn leads to an inferior cigar smoking experience. Therefore, it’s advisable that you opt for butane lighters or wooden matches for the purposes of lighting your cigars. These kind of lighters don’t alter the taste of your cigar.

Holding the Cigar
At all costs you should avoid treating your cigar like a cigarette in terms of how you hold it. Don’t hold the cigar between your index and middle finger because that’s how you hold your cigarettes. Instead, hold your cigar between the index finger and your thumb. Also, as you hold your cigar, don’t use it to point at things. This a pretty disgusting behavior.

Not Displaying Proper Cigar Etiquette
At all times you should avoid irritating the cigar smoking community and those around you by displaying proper cigar etiquette. This’ll help in optimizing your cigar smoking experience. Make a point of asking for permission before smoking in areas that are not the cigar shop or lounge. Also, don’t give advice to other cigar smokers if they’ve not solicited for it. Additionally, as a show of proper cigar etiquette, when putting out your cigar, don’t stub it out, especially to surfaces and leave them untidy for someone one else to clean up after you. A cigar isn’t a cigarette. After you’re done savoring it, simply lay it on the ash tray and leave it to go out on its own.

Hopefully these 3 tips have helped you understand  what NOT to do as a cigar smoker.

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