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The Ashton brand was created by Robert Levin in the early 1980s. His father, Albert, had purchased, in the late 1950s, the iconic Philadelphia store, Holt's Cigar Company, where Robert began working as a child helping his father in various jobs, until at the end of the 70s, he took full charge of running the company, successfully expanding the business.

Some years later, Robert had already decided to enter the complex world of cigar-making and in 1985 created Ashton, a brand that soon became one of the most sought after by connoisseurs, who quickly discovered the smoothness, rich flavors and attractive aromas of those cigars. Shortly after, he partnered with the Fuente family -owners of the legendary and renowned premium cigar brand Arturo Fuente-, to produce the Ashtons in his tobacco factory in the Dominican Republic, where they are handcrafted with the best Dominican tobacco, which once cured and aged they are used for the filling; to complete their elaboration, these fine cigars are covered with the impeccable wrappers known as Connecticut Shade, a prized tobacco that is grown protected from the sun, in the Connecticut River Valley, in Connecticut, Massachusetts and southern Vermont.

The brand's reputation grew rapidly, largely underpinned by Levin's dedication and drive to satisfy the varying tastes of both new and veteran smokers. In that search he managed to successfully introduce several mixes that very soon became iconic. The most popular is the Ashton Classic line, with the largest selection of sizes of all the brand's varieties, and flavors ranging from light to medium bodied.

Other of the most recognized is Ashton Aged Maduro, with a variety of fermented and aged cigars and a naturally developed sweet flavor; Ashton Cabinet Selection, a limited edition with special aging; Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG), prized for their fascinating taste and aroma notes of cedar, earth, coffee beans and leather, masterfully harmonized; and Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, highly valued for their full-bodied flavor and wrapper from tobacco leaves grown in Cameroon, Africa. All made following their strict brand values, longevity and tradition.

Today the Ashton brand continues in the hands of Robert Levin and his son Sathya, and is among the most respected premium cigar brands in the world, with sales in more than 60 countries and more than three decades in the "Top 3" of the U.S.


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