Art and culture behind the habano

The history of Cuba The nineteenth century witnessed the acceptance in the world of Habano, when people talk about Havana, they think about Habano. When talking about Habano, you think about Cuba.

The Cuban tobacco industry has had a significant impact on the enrichment of culture and identity.

Before the second half of the nineteenth century, smoking tobacco was packaged in large wooden boxes containing five thousand to ten thousand pieces, arranged in bundles or bundles of one hundred to fifty cigars each. The appearance of small, made of fine precious Cuban woods, preferably cedar, was an evolution in the presentations of the precious product.

The packs were adorned with a printed label, lithographed in a single ink, on paper of different colors, where the name of the manufacturer and other information of interest was indicated.

Lithography is an art that we can not fail to mention because of its repercussion. With them, the artistic engraving was enriched notably. The art of collecting these pieces, known as Vitolfilia and Memorabilia, was also an expression of cultural development.

Al Habano has been accompanied by different objects and utensils for smokers since the 40s and 50s of the 19th century.
Likewise, Tabaquero was characterized by elegance in dress: light shirts, guayaberas criollas, dark pants, two-tone shoes, and most of the time, his frock coat and hat.

On the other hand, he established in his daily work a language that enriched this important aspect of culture. His vocabulary also expanded when he heard the reading of famous works in the factory, an aspect that distinguished him from the rest of the workers.

Poetry, music, architecture, crafts, jewelry, plastic, lithography, vitolfilia, memorabilia, printmaking, photography and literature are present in the good Habano, to delight in its magical charm.

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