Al Capone cigars: big taste in small cigars

History and Background

Al Capone cigars represent a premium line of handcrafted cigars by Dannemann Company. Founded by Geraldo Dannemann in 1872 in São Félix, Bahia, Brazil, the company has evolved into an international benchmark in the tobacco industry. Dannemann Company is renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition, sourcing the finest tobacco leaves from Brazil and select areas of Nicaragua, albeit using short leaves for the filler.

Flavors and Varieties

Al Capone cigars offer a wide array of flavors to cater to diverse palates. From delicate and sweet options like vanilla, mint, rum, and cognac to distinctive choices like Jamaican Blaze, Al Capone cigars ensure a unique flavor experience. Additionally, varieties such as Al Capone Sweets accentuate the natural and earthy flavor of authentic tobacco.

Unique Features

What sets Al Capone cigars apart is their authenticity. Unlike other brands of small cigars that use tobacco-infused paper, Al Capone cigars boast authentic fillers, binders, and wrappers. The outer layers are crafted with Brazilian Bahia leaves, treated with rum, cognac, sugar, or menthol to add flavor and uniqueness, enhancing their exceptional quality. Following the curing process, they are hand-rolled in Danli, Honduras.

Smoking Experience

Al Capone cigars provide a gratifying smoking experience, available in both filtered and unfiltered options. From mild and smooth flavors to more intense ones, Al Capone cigars cater to any preference. Perfect for enjoying in short periods of time, these compact cigars offer a smoking duration of between 10 and 15 minutes, ideal for any time of the day.

Popularity and Availability

With their reasonable price and high satisfaction in a short duration, Al Capone cigars have gained popularity worldwide. In the United States, they have been the best-selling small cigars for several decades. Various lines and varieties, both filtered and unfiltered, such as Al Capone Sweets Cognac, Al Capone Jamaican Blaze, and Al Capone Slims Rum, among others, are available at the Al Capone store.

They are ideal for both experienced and novice smokers, offering a compact smoke of 10 to 15 minutes. They are highly popular in the USA and have been the best-selling small cigars for decades.

In our store, several lines are available in filtered and unfiltered versions, including Al Capone Sweets Cognac and Al Capone Jamaican Blaze, Al Capone Slims Rum. We invite you to choose the one that appeals to you the most. We are confident you won't regret it.


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