A step towards maturity

Smoking has become a relaxing activity that allows you to escape from boredom and is associated with very specific moments of the day. Tobacco can increase confidence in younger adolescents, and repetitive and older students feel safer talking in each group having more experience of consumption, and underestimate the consumption of younger adolescents.

For male adolescents, smoking supposes a role of personal authority in relation to that of peers, a step towards maturity and the acceptance of the uniformity of the group of friends, while in the girls predominates the curiosity, the sensation of weight control and the influence of male friends. The boys understand that the woman assumes more risks when smoking. Hiding family consumption avoids problems, especially in women, and sometimes it is rewarding to do the opposite of what parents say. Parents expect an education based on their own behavior.

The most significant personal element for the beginning of the consumption is the self-perception of greater security that the adolescent obtains when smoking, a key element in the maintenance of habit, described as a means of obtaining control over feelings. Some studies assess self-control and positive attitude to the rules as protective factors against tobacco.

There are different motivations for consumption according to the sex of the adolescent, in the boys the belonging to a group predominates, while for the girls it helps to control the corporal weight and at the beginning of the relations with the opposite sex.

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