9  Curious cigarrete facts

Florida Tobacco Shop, wants to share with you 9 curious facts about the cigarette, some talk about nicotine, digestion and other facts that some do not know. We recommend visit our webpage www.floridatobaccoshop.com

1. The cigarette and the digestion:

Most of all smokers often say that they smoke after a meal to aid digestion. The truth is that something has to do, because the main activity of the body at that time is changed from digestion to the protection of the cells in the blood and toxins that go to the brain.

2. The special component:

Main component of urine, urea, is used in cigarettes as a result they have more flavor.

 3. Nicotine is increasing

University of Massachusetts made a study that revealed that from 1997 to 2005, nicotine has increased by 11% in the most popular brands of cigarettes.

4. The youngest smoker

Aldi Rizal is a boy from Indonesia, known for being the youngest smoker. It began at 18 months for the idea of ??his nefarious father, who gave him the cigarettes sice this age. He still insists that his son is healthy, but the child finally quit smoking and is also on a special diet. In conclusion, it is one of the most extreme examples of smoking and health in youth.

5. Free Cigarettes

During the siege of Jerusalem in 1917, the British threw opium-filled cigarettes, hoping that the enemies were too drugged to fight. Seems like the idea worked.

6. The price of introducing tobacco in Europe

The man who introduced tobacco in Europe did not have a good time. He was imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition because to exhale smoke by the mouth was the work of the devil. This man brought him from America on the first trip he made with Christopher Columbus.

7. The XA project never saw the light

In the 70's an inventor created a healthier cigarette, which was called the XA project. However, the tobacco companies pressed not to see the light because that meant that they sell "unhealthy" products.

8. Chinese schools were funded by tobacco companies

After a major earthquake, the schools needed repairs and the funds for the repairs were provided by the tobacco companies. The cost was putting up posters that incited young people to smoke and told them they probably would be successful with tobacco.

9. Nine kilograms of aubergines contains the same nicotine as a cigarette

Finally, this fact tells that consuming this food is comparable to being in the presence of a smoker, depending on the method used to cook it. Although it may seem little, it is the vegetable with higher concentration of this compound.

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