4 Major Ways to Tell if a Cigar Went Bad

Cigars rarely go bad. Instead of going bad with time they just age and give you an even better cigar smoking experience. Therefore, when your cigars go bad, they must really have been mishandled. To prevent cigars from going bad, the only solution is proper care. There are 4 major ways in which you can tell if a cigar has gone bad. They include:

 Mold on Your Cigar

Do not confuse mold and bloom. Bloom is the white powder that appears on your cigar’s wrapper. On the other hand, mold is bluish in color. If you observe bloom on the surface of your cigar, this is usually a good sign. It signifies that your cigars are aging properly. However, if mold is what you witness on your cigar, it indicates that your cigar has gone bad. Mold on your cigar normally happens due to excessive humidity in your humidor. Therefore, always ensure that your hygrometer is properly calibrated so that your cigars are always stored in the right humidity. This will help prevent the growth of mold on your cigar.

The Smell of Your Cigar

Every cigar has a distinctive taste. However, cigars are not meant to smell like something rotten. Therefore, if your cigar is emitting a stale smell, it must have gone bad. Do not even think of smoking it, it will only disappoint you by giving you an awful taste and a bad smoking experience.

Excessive Dryness

Another way in which you can tell that your cigars have gone bad is by their excessive dryness. Excessive dryness of the cigar means that the cigar has lost most of its essential oils from the wrapper. With loss of essential oils, also goes the flavor. A cigar that has dried out will have a cracked wrapper. Therefore, making it difficult and even uneventful to smoke it.

The Cigar’s Taste

A cigar that has gone bad will taste awful in your mouth. Normally, it will taste like dirt or sand. If this is the case, then your cigar has most likely gone bad.

Cigars that have gone bad can be revived in case it is noticed early enough. However, for cigars that have stayed bad for a long time, this may not be possible. Therefore, in order to avoid this inconvenience, always handle and store your cigar in the right humidity.

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