3 Reasons Why People Sniff Their Cigars

Sniffing a cigar is more or less a tradition. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, or whether you purchase it or if it’s a gift; no matter what, most people will take a huge sniff before and during their smoke. If you’re contemplating the different cigars in a store, it makes sense to test them out as much as you can before purchasing. Every purchaser has different things they are looking for when in a cigar and will want to catch some of the aroma of what they are going to smoke.

Testing the aroma can be one of the most overlooked parts of buying a cigar. Those will courtesy to others will hold the cigar an inch or so from their nose so as to not run the entire cigar across their nostrils. People usually take a long inhale so they can get a real feeling for the scent.

Below are three top reasons consumers will sniff their cigars before and during smoking:

Reason to Sniff Your Cigar #1: Aroma

The aroma plays a major role is how you experience and enjoy the cigar. No one wants to buy a cigar and come to realize that when they smoke it, they start to get jittery and uncomfortable. Different aromas can ignite varying characteristics. Most aromas will help you feel relaxed, but you always want to test them quickly first in person so you don’t end up getting a flavor that disgusts you. Cigars offer many appreciative characteristics to enjoy.

Reason to Sniff Your Cigar #2: Flavor

Cigars have many different flavors to them: wood, leather, almonds, cherries, coffee, etc. These flavors come from the aroma itself, not necessarily the actual taste of the cigar; however, smell and taste are so closely knit that the smell of the cigar will directly determine what the taste will be like. Our senses all directly impact each other.

Reason to Sniff Your Cigar #3: Relaxation

Consumers sniff cigars while they are smoking as well as before they purchase. As mentioned previously, cigars can be useful when trying to relax, so as they smoke their cigars, they may want more from it. In that case, they sniff and smoke at the same time. This can also be to compare the smell and the taste, and to get the most from your smoking experience.

Smokers like to take time to enjoy their cigar, like tasting a fine wine. It’s not like a cigarette where they might just do it for the nicotine rush. Consumers will most likely sniff the product before they buy it. This is to insure that they like the taste and will enjoy the experience they get from it. It’s also to compare the flavor of the smell to the eventual taste of the product. They also sniff as they smoke in order to get the most from their purchase.


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