3 Ingredients Behind The Popularity of Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel is one of those cigar makers that everyone who enjoys smoking has at least heard of. His company puts out a really great product, and when that happens people take notice and vote with their wallets. The recipe for Rocky’s success isn’t just great tobacco, though. In the end, the only opinion that matters is yours, but if you want some more information or to view recorded tasting notes, simply search for Rocky Patel in your favorite search engine.

Passion: Rakesh “Rocky” Patel was once a high paid lawyer to some of the Biggest names in Hollywood. Because he was always around those smoking excellent cigars, he got a taste for some of the finest tobacco. He started a cigar company in the 1990s, and shortly after he sold his law practice to focus on his tobacco company full time viagra ohne rezept billig. Currently, he spends the vast majority of his time on the road promoting his brand and products. He’s rumored to spend almost 300 days out of the year on the road.

Knowledge: Not long after he sold his law firm, Rocky traveled to Honduras where he would spend the next five years learning every aspect of the cigar manufacturing process. From field to barn to rolling table, his knowledge of every single facet of the industry and process are as famous as his product.

Quality: Rocky labeled sticks go through some of the most rigorous quality control the industry knows. A big selling point of the brand is that each stick is draw tested to make sure it’s rolled right, and is also inspected by an actual person. He claims to be always searching for perfection, what he calls the “optimal blend of tobacco”.

But, there’s a lot more that goes into the success of the Brand than just these three ingredients. Because Rocky spends so much time on the road promoting his brand, he’s seen as a man of the people. His company also sponsors trips to Honduras for some of his customers so that they can have the same kind of experience that made Rocky famous.

Finally, one can’t talk about these cigars without mentioning that they have consistently been rated by Cigar Aficionado between 85 and the low to mid 90s – with only one being an 84. Overall, if you’re looking for a brand to get behind, you can look no further than Rocky Patel. If you feel you need more proof, feel free to search for smoking videos of different Rocky stogies.

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