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Padron Cigars

Padron Cigars

Padron cigars might well be one of the most well known brand of cigar, and for good reason. One of the most significant comes down to factors which many talk about, but few follow through with. And those features are artistry and family legacy.

Padron is the brand of cigars made by Piloto Cigars Inc. The company itself is a family business which has now passed through three generations. The company was started by a poor immigrant named Demaso Padrón. What he lacked in money, he made up for with a love of tobacco and a willingness to let passion drive him. In the process he took up carpentry to earn extra money for his business idea. And in fact, the small hammer given to him by a friend became the symbol of the company to this day. When ready to launch his company, he lovingly rolled 200 cigars a day in the cuban fashion. The company itself has grown immensely since those days. However, the love and care which goes into every cigar has continued.

It's that care and concern which needs to be stressed. Many companies fade into simply becoming a brand, with little connection to the ideals of the past. Jorge Padrón is someone who literally grew up on stories of his grandfather's ideals. To the family, a cigar isn't simply a product to be sold. They view a padron cigar as an expression of family pride. It's the aspirations and dreams of the family's patriarch, and a sign to all of them. From grandfather, to father, to son the tradition and pride of a fine cigar remains the ultimate ideal. It's more than a cigar, it's family.

Currently, they offer three separate blends of cigar. Within this categorization, one can find a wide variety of vitola. In addition to this, the company is well known for an interest in special blends and editions to mark special occasions. These can be appreciated both for historical value and for the appealing variety which comes with them.

Another interesting aspect of the company which harkens back to the early days is their view of economics. They strive to allow anyone to experience just what a fine cigar really is. The price point of padron cigars tends to reflect this. While of course the finest of the line come with comparable costs, the company always tries to make some cigars which are within any reasonable budget. 
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