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OHM Cigars

OHM Filtered Cigars

What exactly are OHM Cigars? They are one of the most popular brands of filtered cigars. They are cigars that are a small and are very popular. They have the right combination of quality and value. They come in many colors and flavors. Each has its unique blend and all give satisfaction to you, the customer.

The Red color is blended for a full flavor taste. The blue was crafted for a smooth and mild taste when smoking this cigar.The menthol in the cigar gives it a cool and refreshing taste.A smooth draw can be obtained from the vanilla flavored cigar.
If an aroma of cherry is what you like try the cherry flavored cigar. This OHM cigar combines the aroma of cherry with the sweet taste of cherry. 

Grape comes in a premium tobacco with just a touch of grape to enhance your cigar smoking pleasure.There are two of these small cigars that are infused with natural flavors to make them sweet. These are the peach and strawberry flavored ohm cigars.
These little filtered OHM cigars come in packs of twenty. They are, in reality a cigar. They are not meant to be smoked like a cigarette and are not meant to be inhaled like cigarettes. The OHM filtered cigar is supposed to be smoked like traditional cigars.
The tobacco that is placed in these cigars is aged and fermented so that many flavors may be enjoyed. These filtered cigars offer a smoking experience closer to a regular cigar.

OHM Cigars also are made in the regular size. These cigars are made in the manner any cigar is made. It is made in the way a traditional Cuban cigar is made. This ensures that this type of cigar will have a slow burn. These traditional cigars come in bundles. Their names vary like Robusto, OHM Toro cigars, Churchill Cigars, and there are a few others.These types of cigars are available in bundles of twenty-five.
These different types of cigars are available for the person who wants to smoke a good tasting cigar and is a connoisseur of this good taste.
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