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Muriel Cigars

Muriel Cigars

Muriel cigars have been the “everyday” cigar for patrons in the United States for nearly 70 years. These cigars are mass produced, but use extremely fine tobacco which is medium bodied. The domestic origins keep Muriel cigars affordable, and the quick machine processing preserves the flavor. Muriel is a perfect brand for cigar lovers who want quality each day without the expense of premium imported brands.

Muriel has enjoyed a long history of consumer loyalty. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, stars like Edie Adams, Stan Getz and even the late President Richard Nixon himself were staunch voices for the quality that Muriel provided. It isn't always possible to have access to luxurious and rare Cuban-style cigars, but settling for a daily cigar that is too rough and tastes terrible is easily avoided with Muriel.

Throughout the American post WWII era, Muriel cigars were a favorite for a large part of the smoking population. They were known as the best 10 cent cigars in the world. This was absolutely true. The combination of fresh domestic rolling tobaccos and airtight market humidors, provided Muriel cigars with an unmatched attractive flavor and even burning. Due to inflation, the 10 cent label has increased to about one dollar, but the quality is markedly the same as it was in the 50s. Muriel cigars taste and burn like exotic imports, but are at the price anyone can afford.

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