History Of Little Cigars

Little cigars are gaining popularity again for several reasons. Some people like them because they do not take as much time from their busy schedules as larger cigars, some people like the ones with sweet flavors and some prefer these cigars for their elegant appearance. At one point, most little cigar smokers will stop and wonder who came up with the idea for these convenient, milder and smaller versions of traditional cigars.

How Little Cigars Became Popular

In 1958, Swisher Sweets released little cigars, and they were a tremendous hit with cigar smokers who wanted a quick smoke and people who wanted a sweeter and milder flavor. In the 1960s, American tobacco manufacturers started facing pressure from the government about their products. Tobacco sales were still doing very well at the time for cigars and cigarettes. In 1964, American Tobacco Company had reached a peak in sales. Not wanting governmental pressure to put a dent in the next year's sales growth, the company released its Roi-Tan little cigars. This was the first type of little cigar to be manufactured and sold under an established brand name.

The popularity of these smaller cigars grew slowly for the following years. However, the tobacco industry faced another sizable hurdle in the early 1970s after the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act was passed. It hit cigarette manufacturers, but some companies producing only cigars and pipe tobacco at the time took advantage of this. Several companies were approached with the idea to produce little cigars, which were similar to cigarettes but different enough that they could not be classified as such. While cigarettes were meant to be inhaled, little cigars were not. One of the biggest reasons sales took off in the 1970s was because the tax for little cigars was much less than it was for cigarettes. Winchester and Captain Black were two more of the pioneering companies at that time in little cigar production, and both wound up doing well in sales.

Little cigars continued to grow in popularity, and they hit a high point in 2006. While they are taxed higher today than in the 1970s, they are still preferred by smokers who have busy schedules and people who enjoy milder or sweet flavors. The good news is that there are many more brands and flavors to choose from today, and there is something to fit every person's taste.

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